Agile Islands

Ajankohta: 27.09.2022 09:00-15:45
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For 2022, we are taking the conference to the next level – being fully hybrid. This means that both speakers and attendees can attend physically in Mariehamn or online. This way we can give full flexibility and at the same time attract speakers and attendees who wouldn’t have the chance to travel to Åland.
Our keynote speaker is Anssi Rantanen, he is a growth expert, serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Rantanens headline is: What do the fastest growing organisations in the world do differently and what can we learn from them?
Totally we 17 different speakers talking on the subject agile.
Registration is now open https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Agile_islands_2022_5237
Please visit our website for more information about the speakers and the schedule. https://agileislands.ax/
Travel to Åland: https://www.vikingline.fi/agile-islands?fbclid=IwAR3hwmO4LltoSG-eN8xOqI0XWHYSi5wnx1A5VpZSx5cnTeCJkDwmuUdun-U